Nara Quality — Using a CNC Machine in Classic Furniture Production

Classic furniture is pure luxury. It embodies a part of who we are and that artistry pulls us in as though we are part of the very couch on which we sit. Vintage classic furniture was hand-made. In the modern world, classic style furniture gets a little help from modern technology. Computer Numerical Control or CNC machines are not new to manufacturing. Their use exists in almost every aspect of manufacturing. Nara Furniture uses CNC technology to manufacture quality furniture in the classic style.

What a CNC Machine Does

In the French Provisional Period and on Louis XV piece, every mark, cut, and groove was the creation of an artist, chisel, and hammer or saw. Every smoothed surface was hand sanded to create these works of art. Those pieces are works of art, but so is the furniture created by Nara Furniture. These are modern pieces of classic-style furniture created using the same mastery of the art used by legends. The exception is that at Nara, the CNC technology replaces much of the labor involved. Without the care put into the computer aided design, the piece would look tacky, gaudy, and unfinished. At Nara, we strive only to produce furniture that is beautifully finished, masterfully crafted, and affordable. By using a CNC machine to reduce the labor involved in creating classical furniture the cost is not $5 million dollars. Instead, it is reasonably priced to reflect

the needs of the modern design process.

A CNC machine is a computer-aided worker. It uses a router bit to make precise designs in beautiful wood. It has the ability to carefully smooth hardwood. It is a boring tool used to create interesting details and patterns such as those exhibited in wood screens. It creates elegant grooves that enhance the beauty of plain wood. It planes surfaces of wood so that every piece is uniform in thickness and quality. While these machines offer outstanding quality of work, they have been difficult to integrate into classic style furniture.

Classic Furniture production using CNC machines

Classic Furniture and CNC

At Nara Furniture, the creation of classically styled furniture is greater than the combination of pieces of wood that fit together or the luxury feel of the fabric that adorns a piece. We create furniture that contains love and pride in each step of the process. Allowing a machine to assist in that process is difficult. Machines are cold and unfeeling and the creation of art is anything but cold or unfeeling.

At Nara, the process of creating a beautiful piece of furniture starts with artistry. That same artistry is applicable when using a CNC machine. It is the computer aided design (CAD) portion that allows us to inject the love of what we do into each classically styled piece furniture we create. What we have given up is the mundane — The repetitive hammer strokes, the intricate sawing, the labor. That is important to understand because, in a world where labor is a commodity, the price of creating a classic piece of furniture would be insanely expensive because each piece is very time-consuming. The CNC machine allows us to produce exceptional quality pieces with uniform scrolling and artwork without the huge investment in labor. In short, the result is good or better than what anyone could produce in the same amount of time.

We believe that a classical piece of furniture is a platform from which you rise to greatest heights. Each piece should reflect who you are and what you can achieve. By taking the time to address artistry at the very beginning of the design process, Nara Furniture is able to create stunning pieces of furniture in the classic style without the exuberant prices. Yet, we still maintain the artistry and care that go into every piece of furniture we create. Expect classic-style furniture from Nara that enhances a space and improves the quality of life you experience. Nara Furniture is luxury, artistic, and opulent.

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