Using the Great Classic Style to Create a Timeless Room

Homes are interesting creations. They have multiple rooms that provide different functions — Kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Each room has a purpose. How well we design those rooms affects the quality of the service or purpose that they provide to us.

How Well Do Your Rooms Fit Your Lifestyle?

A room should fit our lives as though they are an extension of who we are. We should walk into a room and feel as though we shine brighter. The goal of room design is to create a space where we connect with our environment. We should immediately feel uplifted, connected, at peace. That connection is important.

At Nara Furniture we recognize that connection because the put it into every piece of furniture that we build. We understand what a room should do for the people who use it. We strive to create a human element that goes past simple design and crosses over into art. We create furniture in the classic style that moves you. When you walk into a room that is expertly designed and enhanced with Nara Furniture you feel the connection. You feel empowered and amplified. What do you feel when you walk into your living room?

Nara Furniture — More than Just Beautiful

At Nara Furniture, we strive to create classically designed furniture that becomes the central focal for a room’s design. Our selection includes whole-room sets including paneling, furniture sets, and single pieces that draw you to them. While we create beautiful luxurious furniture, each piece is more than just beautiful.

Because we use old-world styling and combine that with modern technique and tools we create museum quality pieces that are fresh, thoughtful, and artistic. We create feeling because we put so much of our own feelings into our work.

Our process begins with design and from there we add in quality materials, and master-level craftsmanship.

From there we select each piece of wood, match the grain, and natural beauty. It is our job to bring out what nature has created so that the furniture is almost alive with life force energy. We showcase nature in every piece of wood that we select.

Textile selection is also done with master-level experience. We use only the best textiles with the best weaves, colors, and patterns. We choose quality products because we design our furniture to last for generations. We want your children to look at your furniture and remember the quality of life, amazing parties, and the richness of being surrounded by luxury. We design furniture for today, but in a way that is also timeless.

Classic Style meets Modern Timeless

It’s Audrey Hepburn sitting down to lunch with Beyoncé — tasteful elegance beautifully done. When you design a room around the idea that beauty is more than something to admire you gain a feeling you create because of your environment. Nara Furniture takes the beauty of nature and imbues it with humanity. We design, create and manufacture our furniture through a love of what we do. That is why you feel something when you sit in one of our chairs. Nara Furniture draws people in because we put so much of ourselves into it. This is not decorative art, but a part of the force that creates the room that you love.

We have all been in rooms that look nice but made us feel oddly out-of-place. We have been in rooms where there were no feelings at all. At Nara Furniture, we understand what it takes to make a house into a home and a home into a sanctuary. Are you ready to experience classic timeless?

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