Classic Solid Wood Carvings Provide a Timeless Touch

Perhaps you’ve had the chance to appreciate the rich curves reminiscent of classic baroque wood carvings. If you have, then you know the timeless beauty of these heirloom pieces. You also know that even solid wood undergoes the wear of time and that replacing classic pieces is almost impossible. What follows are descriptions of contemporary classic furniture; furniture that is crafted through artistry and technology while embodying the elegance of a previous era.

Hues and Richness

Solid wood provides a textural depth not found in other materials. Nara Furniture craftsmen appreciate the fine timber used in the production of each piece. Employing automated technology, each unfinished piece is hewn to reflect the richness of history. Arcs, flourishes and ornamentation are enhanced with colorful accents and deep hues that provide each piece with additional grandeur that lends a timeless quality to your favorite room or office.

From couches to chairs, desks to tables, vanities to wardrobes, Nara Furniture offers timeless collections for your home or office.

Luxury Quality

Many startup businesses and new households are anxious to improve their appearance quickly in order to attract new clients or impress guests. Unlike other luxury furniture providers, Nara Furniture has a quick turn-around time on their pieces. Their cost-effective technology maintains their products’ affordability. With the quality and affordability of Nara’s classic solid wood furniture, there is no reason why a new home or office should lack character and distinction.

The luxurious quality of each piece is seen in its detail. Solid wood, once it is carved and highly polished, resembles burnished gold. The curves and arcs capture and reflect light revealing a depth of texture. Nara Furniture’s pieces are touched with varying hues, as evidenced in their dining set’s fine detail. The table top is supported by solid wood that is carefully sculpted and painstakingly painted to create a striking and formidable appearance. This level of detail is found all other pieces as well, from sofas to desks to armoires.

Each piece receives a moisture control treatment that increases the value of your investment. This furniture will last well into the future and its timeless style will never go out of fashion.

Choices and Style

One of the hallmarks of classic contemporary style is its updated twist on timeless beauty. Each piece pairs the distinctive historical flourishes of customized artistry with contemporary styling that provides the comfort current generations expect. With elegant and durable high quality fabrics, Nara Furniture’s customers are able to relax and enjoy the experience of reclining on classic furniture.

For office use, elegant desks leave a stunning impression on clients and colleagues. Presentation is key when establishing your organization’s identity and character. Nara Furniture provides an array of collections from which to choose. Each collection’s distinctive tone affords you the opportunity to select pieces that reflect your organization’s unique style.

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, the collections offer you a chance to provide a timeless touch. The classic contemporary style adds a distinguished flavor to modern offices and homes. The contrast between spare modern art, tile flooring and minimalist architecture highlights the furniture’s detailed classic designs.

Technology and History

Mass production does cause a decline in artistry. Rather, lack of innovation and carelessness deteriorates a product’s quality. Nara Furniture COO and co-founder Ahmet Azimzade‘s creativity and love of high quality furniture compelled him to seek out innovative technology that would promote high quality manufacturing. He has worked in the luxury furniture field for over twenty years and traveled to numerous countries, including China, to learn about CNC manufacturing.

Azimzade’s appreciation for craftsmanship and technological knowledge have served Nara Furniture well and will continue to drive the company’s successful delivery of high quality furniture to customers throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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