Business Projection — A Great Classic Is Timeless

Where do you go when you are most creative? Artists are often inspired by their surroundings. Is that not also true of business leaders? A question posted on Quora asked, “What happened to Steve Jobs Office at Apple?” The answer is that his office has remained untouched. Such a creative space for such a powerful leader. That conversation reminds us that we all have a space to create that is both functional and inspiring. Nara Furniture can help.

Who are you as a leader?

A creative office space is a mixture of what we see and what we feel. For those who sit behind the desk an office is a place to project power, find creative insight, and to feel comfortable, relaxed, and engaged.

There is a lot that goes into creative such a space. Those elements include lighting, furnishing, color choices, and art. At Nara Furniture, we understand all of those elements because we work with them every single day as we create classic furniture for the modern setting.

Imagine sitting behind a wide desk that displays a beautiful wood top with a rich grain and inlaid with patterns that inspire. When you sit there, it reminds you of the passion that drives you to succeed. When a guest sits across from you, they feel the consequence of being in your presence. Not in the sense of ego, but in ability. Classic furniture does this. It imbues emotion and projects strength, character, and power. In a sense, furniture can elevate you. Does your office inspire you?

Nara Furniture helps create offices and lobbies that convey a message. What that message is, depends on how you apply our art.

A good example of what we mean is a sitting area where the environment encourages positive conversations. If you have ever been to a museum with great works of art did you feel the art? Did you feel a sense of wonder, amazement, or awe?

It is those types of emotions that help business leaders become more creative. It is sitting on a classically designed chair or on a beautifully ornate sofa that enables us excel at who we are. Can a business leader better envision the future from a place that imbues creativity? They can.

At Nara Furniture, we work to create furniture that is practical to use but still artful and ornate. We create luxury furniture in the classic and timeless style that helps create a space that is both creative and functional. We work to inspire and our goal is always to produce furniture that elevates people so that they are free. Does your office enable your creative side? Can your leadership team benefit from a creative space that elevates them?

Imagine sitting, as a team, in a beautiful environment that lifts you up so that everyone’s potential is free. That is what Nara does. We free you so that your creativity, perception, and boldness are accessible.

Nara is a modern company that uses the artistry of those old classics to bring timeless elegance to homes and businesses. Our furniture is beautifully designed, created using modern techniques so that each piece has the endurance to last for generations. We pay attention to detail so that every piece of fabric, tuck, or fold is precise. Each piece of furniture we create is through a mastery of technique and artistry. The result is a purity that shows our love of what we do.

When it is time to create an environment where you are at your best, consider the benefits of Nara Furniture. We create furniture that helps you create places of power where you are at your best.

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