Quality doesn’t happen by accident
It is born of the masterful handling of beautiful solid wood, the seamless integration of advanced technology, and those delicate finishing touches.
Technological masterpieces
As pioneers of the latest technology, our fully automated process guarantees superior quality, fast delivery, and luxury furniture at affordable prices.
A harmony of style and character
The traditional and the contemporary are perfectly blended in the creation of luxury classic and modern furniture, with beautiful results.

Welcome to the Nara Furniture Family

A heritage of passion, dedication and creativity.
Luxury, solid wood pieces and furniture sets, combining classic and contemporary design.


A family company, built on more than 35 years of experience in the design and production of luxury furniture.


An exclusive collection of individually designed solid wood furniture pieces, combining classic and contemporary character.


Our fully automated process, using cutting edge technology and craftsmanship techniques, promises a high quality finish at an affordable price.



Conceived with a unique sense of design, every one of our pieces reflects an elegant blend of the traditional and the modern.


Quality is our hallmark. The combination of cutting edge technology and delicate, detailed touches guarantees a luxury finish.


Our pioneering production process allows us to offer luxury pieces, with a handcrafted quality, at supremely affordable prices.


Our fully automated process means shorter production times, so you can enjoy your beautiful new furniture sets in no time.

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Pioneering the use of CNC machinery in the luxury furniture production process.

Large scale, fully automated wood-carving machinery enables us to design and produce beautiful pieces with faster delivery and an affordable price tag. Nara Furniture was the first company in Turkey to introduce this cutting edge technology in such scale into the luxury furniture production process, and still boasts the highest CNC machine power, with three-, four- and five-axis machinery.

Design Process

A distinctive and dignified blend of classic and avant-garde styles.

With more than 35 years of experience in furniture production (both classic and modern) we bring something new to the world of luxury classic furniture design. Profoundly creative, inspired and original, our unmistakable style brings the traditional and the modern together in designs that are timeless.


Hand Craftsmanship


Intricate final details and finishing flourishes are carved by hand, for the personal touch.

The combination of automated machinery and hand carving gives an authentic feel of luxury, handcrafted pieces. The final touches are painstakingly performed after the CNC process, so every piece of furniture is lovingly finished and truly unique.

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